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"Each piece is different and exploring what might be possible is part of the intrigue."

Wood fascinated me growing up in Scotland – especially after coming across the work of Tim Stead in Glasgow’s Cafe Gandolfi. He transformed the traditional into something unique and contemporary, both artistic and functional. I also love artists such as Wharton Esherick and Ben Butler and have delighted watching locals work with wood while living in Asia.

In New Zealand my interest in working wood was ignited at the Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson. Inspired by such wonderful tutors as John Shaw, David Haig, Thorkild Hansen, Anna Korver and Mike Hindmarsh, I wanted to put something back so joined the Trust’s Board for a few years. In mid 2015 I stepped down as Chair to devote more time to making furniture and exploring unusual timbers such as pohutukawa, elm and kanuka.

I build for family, friends and a few clients: clinker boats, strip-built kayaks, household furniture, traditional book binding equipment and kitchen treen. Each piece is different and exploring what might be possible is part of the intrigue. All of this has been on our property in Tai Tapu with wood sourced from around New Zealand from gardens, orchards, farm properties and recycle yards as well quality timber merchants. ”


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