A Maker’s Guide to Bamtino Bespoke

Bamtino is designed to streamline the process of matchmaking you with your ideal clients. We’re looking for New Zealand’s most talented furniture designers, makers and restorers. As makers ourselves, we know how stressful it can be to have people asking you for quotes on projects that:

– they have no genuine intention of getting made

– they have an unrealistic budget on

– don’t match your style

We also know that, like in every business, there are busy times and quiet times. It’s stressful having jobs backlog when you’re busy, and just as daunting having a lull in projects coming through when you’re not so busy.

With Bamtino, you can now pick and chose which projects you’d like to work on, and when you want to work on them. We help you get and manage your jobs. All of them are listed with detailed descriptions so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. If the projects don’t interest you, you don’t have to waste your time with them.

We are committed to growing the local bespoke furniture industry. With a collective effort, we can elevate the profile of quality New Zealand-made furniture and help reverse the tide and proliferation of cheap imports.

What do you get with Bamtino? 

No matter what plan you chose, you’ll get a number of benefits from joining Bamtino.

A Streamlined System:

Bamtino was created out of frustration at the difficulty of matching bespoke furniture hunter with maker. We make it easy for the client to find you, and you to find the client you want. But we also make it easy for you to find other makers, designers, and restorers, and work with them to collaborate on pieces which require multiple complementary skills.


Better Customers:

We know that your passion lies in the process of creating. Focusing on marketing can be distracting. With Bamtino, we’ll look after the marketing for you and bring customers right to your workshop, via a few clicks. We’re taking a holistic approach towards turning ourselves into the “go-to” platform for bespoke furniture. From search engine optimisation, Google AdWords campaigns, a suite of social media campaigns and engagement initiatives in the online world, right through to good old fashioned mail drops, PR, advertising and face-to-face interactions in the offline world: Bamtino is constantly working to bring you more customers. We’re teaming up with architects, specifiers, small business owners and others in the industry to bring you larger commercial clients too.


A Trusted Brand:

We go to great lengths at Bamtino to ensure we carefully curate who we invite to join our network. It’s not about snobbery, it’s to ensure our clients, your clients, can trust us to trust you. In turn, that means you can rest assured that the type of clients we draw to our site are after the very best of what New Zealand furniture design and craftsmanship have to offer.

A Future Potential:

Globally, industries are heading towards consumer-centric and internet-based sales models promoting the customisation of products. Furniture is no different. It’s the right time for Bamtino to help transition the furniture industry into a 21st Century marketplace. Thanks for joining us from the start, we truly appreciate your support.


Please view our Terms of Trade here before signing up. When you’re ready you can view our membership pricing and apply today.