Joska & Sons



"I like making things for a purpose and I love the process of tinkering, refining and sourcing.”

Joska & Sons is a design company based in Lyttelton.

Joska Easterbrook has always tinkered with furniture design but it wasn’t until he took up the challenge of fitting out a temporary cafe with a non-existent budget that he became inspired to refine and develop some of his ideas.

With ideas rolling around in his head, Joska was commissioned by a friend to build a lamp for a new office space and the first product became a reality.

Three hand-made lamps feature in the 2013 launch of Joska & Sons first range. Poise, Scissor and Copper Black are all modern takes on traditional industrial shapes, where the materials have led the design inspiration.

All lamps are made with bamboo plywood off-cuts from Kingswood Skis, a boutique ski manufacturer, also based in Lyttelton. Shades are hand spun locally from copper and aluminium.


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