Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade:

By signing up to Bamtino, you agree to the following:

  • Bamtino is a tendering platform and provides the link between potential clients and you, furniture manufacturers. Once the connection has been established and the client has chosen you to complete their project, it is your responsibility – and the responsibility of the client – to negotiate and ensure the transaction proceeds in accordance with what was agreed between both parties on the Bamtino platform.
  • The client pays you directly for the product(s) you create and sell them. The contract for the purchase is between you and the client.  All guarantees, public liability agreements, and terms of trade are to be determined and negotiated between you and the client. You should clearly outline your guarantee terms, deposit requirements, and delivery timeframe commitments in your quotes to clients posted on Bamtino. You and the client must fulfil the terms and commitments as outlined in the agreed upon quote. Failure to do so is a breach of service and may result in a termination of membership.
  • Bamtino takes absolutely no responsibility for the goods our member manufacturers produce in any way.
  • Bamtino takes absolutely no responsibility for the actions of the clients referred to manufacturers. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure appropriate payments are received within the agreed upon timeframes as outlined in quotes posted to Bamtino.
  • If you are successfully chosen to complete a project, Bamtino will charge you the commission rate based on 8% of your quoted price, excluding GST. The commission will be invoiced to you within 12 hours of the client awarding you the project and you will have 15 working days to pay it. If the total cost of the project changes after it has been awarded and you’ve already paid the commission to Bamtino, it is your responsibility to notify us (by emailing support@bamtino.com). We will reimburse or charge an additional fee as appropriate. Failure to pay Bamtino the appropriate commission fee will lead to the project being awarded to another manufacturer. Repeat occurrences will lead to a termination of membership.
  • If a client cancels a project (because they have changed their minds, can no longer complete payment, or for any other reason), the invoice for the commission to be paid by the manufacturer to Bamtino becomes void. No payment will be required from the manufacturer to Bamtino. Should the client cancel the project after the manufacturer has already paid Bamtino, we shall refund the manufacturer 100% of the commission.
  • If you submit a quote on Bamtino and are chosen to complete the project, you MUST complete it under the quoted price and terms outlined in your quote. Exceptions are permitted if the client changes the design brief or both the client and manufacturer both agree to change the terms and/or pricing of the project. It is your responsibility to notify Bamtino of any such changes, or disputes between manufacturers and clients, should they arise. You must notify Bamtino within 48 hours of any changes or disputes by emailing support@bamtino.com.
  • If you are unable to complete a project after having had it awarded to you, you must notify Bamtino immediately. If you cancel within a week of being awarded the project, you will be charged half the normal commission. If you cancel later than a week from being awarded the project, you will be charged the full commission rate. Failure to pay will lead to an immediate termination of membership. We reserve the right to cancel your membership should you cancel projects awarded to you once, or on repeat occasions.
  • If you’re a Maker on Bamtino, you automatically grant Bamtino the right to use your images, videos, text and other media featured on your website and/or social media accounts to be shared for promotional purposes on the Bamtino wesbsite(s) and social media accounts including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. In any instance Bamtino shares one of your images, video, or other media, we will give you full and clear credit as the source of the media and the furniture illustrated within it, if appropriate. You retain full rights and sole ownership of all your media. If you do not wish to allow Bamtino to share any or all of your media, you must notify us in writing by emailing support@bamtino.com.
  • Bamtino reserves the right to change pricing options and these Terms of Trade without consultation or prior approval of member manufacturers. In an instance where we change either, we will communicate any changes to member manufacturers in a timely manner.
  • We reserve the right to revoke membership of any member at our discretion and at any time, if we deem the manufacturer’s services to be unsatisfactory.

Please view our PRIVACY POLICY here.

Bamtino Contact Information:

Adrien Taylor – 027 6969 509

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